November 15, 2018
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Pontoon Boats Make For Great Fun On The Water

In 1952, a Minnesota farmer had the idea of strapping two steel drums to a solid wooden platform to create a stable swimming platform for family fun, parties, and fishing. The first modern aluminum pontoon entered the market in 1958 at the Chicago World’s Fair. Ever since marine architects and designers improved the simple basic design. Using modern techniques and materials, they greatly increased the durability of the boats and improved handling and stability. Stronger building materials allow the use of more powerful engines. Today, pontoon boats are no longer for leisurely family outings on a small lake alone. No, they can get up and go, out-competing many traditional boats in the process.

Nevertheless, despite added speed and agility, pontoon boats still sport unrivaled stability on a wide and roomy platform. Their flat deck favors customization and numerous adaptations for special purposes. Boat manufacturers offer a variety of basic models such as leisure pontoon, party pontoon boat, fishing and performance pontoon boats.

  • Leisure Pontoons

Are great for taking out family and friends for an on the water party or a leisurely afternoon cruise across a lake. They are easy on your wallet and easy to maintain. Yet boat manufacturers and dealers can easily adapt them to the special requirements of any buyer. This is the basic, time-tested concept that makes family fun, parties, fishing, and diving easy, safe, and enjoyable.

  • The party pontoon boat 

Is a special adaptation of the basic pontoon boat. It is modified, often with a third pontoon, to increase carrying capacity and, thus, to allow more people and party related equipment onboard. Added storage space helps to keep the party going longer. And the additional pontoon adds much-needed stability and keeps partiers safely on the deck. Of course, the party pontoon boat also comes with all of the furniture and equipment you need to throw a successful party on the water. Another special adaptation of a pontoon boat is

  • The fishing pontoon

Anglers expect fishing boats to be unstable contraptions. They are surprised when they step on a fishing pontoon. Angler pontoons are stable. They have a roomy platform for live wells, rod holders, swivel chairs, and storage space. They draw little water which allows them to get into shallow waters. And they provide enough deck space for anglers (and their kids) to walk around. Even mobility impaired anglers can use them safely.

Finally, modern pontoon boats, whether basic, a party pontoon boat or an adapted version, are no longer slow and wimpy. Performance pontoons now can compete favorably with standard small boats.

So, for more fun, better fishing, and great parties, visit your pontoon boat dealer before the next season on the water starts.

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